Health Services

The primary purpose of the Health Service Program is to strengthen the educational process of the students by assisting them to improve or adapt to their health status. The school nurse provides preventive health services to facilitate the student’s optimal physical, mental, emotional and social growth and development. Health care in the school, as provided by the school nurse, includes identification of the health problems, preventive health measures, health maintenance care and necessary therapeutic intervention. The school nurse works in collaboration with members of the educational staff to promote the attainment of the full health and educational potential of the student.

The School Health Services Program endeavors to promote the health of all students, affording them an opportunity to better participate in learning and receive the maximum benefit from their instructional program. The Health Services program is designed to focus on the health status of students; to educate and counsel students, teachers, and parents related to health issues; to help prevent and control communicable disease; to provide emergency care for injury and/or sudden illness; to promote optimum conditions in school buildings; to promote health education as an integral part of the school’s curriculum. Moreover, to assist in identifying and minimizing barriers to learning that can accompany a variety of chronic and acute health conditions.


Tasheka Ryans, MSN, RN

Health Services Coordinator